About Us

Singles Directory is an Australian owned and operated website directory specifically targeting singles so they can find other singles at events organised by many singles related event organisers promoting their clubs, party venues, social gatherings, online dating portals, dance parties, speed dating, dance classes and dance studios.

Also listed are introduction agencies, night clubs, bands, dating stories, cruises, new age and spiritual websites covering Online Psychic Readings, Psychic Mediums, Finding the Right Psychic, Life Coaches, Clairvoyants, Tarot readers, Astrology and Numerology experts.

The main focus has always been on “people meeting people” all over Australia. Think of it as a giant “singles melting pot” in one of the Largest Singles Event Listing Resource Directories Australia has to offer.

This website still has all the powerful advertising features that lists hundreds of products and services. Everyone wins. Visitors and members can have fun searching all the pages whilst advertising members reap the benefits of traffic that is increasing at an extraordinary rate, a website that people want to visit is a website worth advertising on.

Singles Directory, the A-Z for Singles in Australia website has been over ten years in the making and we are very excited about it’s future impact on the Australian Singles way of life. We have invested thousands or hours into its creation for both the benefit of members, visitors and advertisers. We hope you enjoy your experience with the many interesting features.