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The Characteristics of a Good Psychic

1. A good psychic tells the harsher truths in sensitive, caring and compassionate manner.
His information should not convey negative message and demoralize and depress the clients. Even the harsher truths should be presented as opportunities for development.

2. A Psychic should not use gibberish or abracadabra type of language to impress his clients who are already confused and worried about their problems.

3. A good psychic does not ask too many questions from his clients.
If he does so, he may be trying to elicit answers from his clients. He may be trying to fish out the information from your answers. You must be wary of such psychics.

4. A good psychic does not try to detract you from your questions by blabbering out irrelevant information to while away the time or pad up the answers with needless stories.

This, however, does not mean that you have to keep your mouth shut and expect your psychic to tell you your problems and also their solutions. You have to provide him some minimum information like your first name, your date and time of birth. Quite often this much information enables the psychic to draw your horoscope and come out with answers about your personality traits and your future.

5. A good psychic is someone who does not try and please his/her clients by giving them the answers that they want to hear.
The psychic is honest about what they see and answer’s the client’s questions in the best way they can.

6. A psychic who is good is honest about their profession and does not scam people.
 They provide psychic readings in the aim to help people in their situation and give them guidance in making decisions and actions. And not to gain and get the client's money from them
If your psychic is a tarot reader, he may dwell more upon exploring the levels of consciousness and etheric field of those seeking his guidance.

7. A good psychic does not try to relay trivial matters, but provides significant and positive information to his clients.

Sometimes, the dividing line between the trivia and serious matter becomes very thin. For example, discussing a menu for dinner may become a trivia and also a serious issue. A psychic may advise you to eat particular food for dinner in view of your health, butter discussing dinner parties may become trivia.
Or, I see you driving a yellow car can become a trivia, but when a psychic advises his client to check the brakes of his car, it becomes a serious issue.

8. A good psychic has the ability to make their client feel calm and comfortable with the reading.

The Psychic should be the one who will make you feel comfortable about your situation and not scare you with what they see. For example, the psychic should not tell you that there is grave danger coming you way if in fact you are just about to stumble on the ground.

9. The psychic should be worthy of the client's trust and personal details.

All of us give importance to our personal information and would not divulge these to someone we don't know. It is human instinct for us to choose the people we share our most private feelings and stories with.
A psychic should therefore be genuinely honest and build a relationship of trust with the client.
High level psychic readers do not look upon their clients. During a Face-to-Face Psychic Reading the psychic's eyes are focused on distant visions. They appear to be looking into other worlds. You can very well feel as if some other spirit has taken hold of their consciousness and organs. The voice appears to be coming from afar.

10. Last but not the least, the psychic should be able to connect to different people on different levels and situations.

This is when a psychic is genuinely sympathetic to their clients. Even if the client seems angry and upset the psychic is there to understand them and is open to hear what the client has to say.

If you find this article helpful and informative please do pass it on to some of your friends who might find this article interesting.
Thank you to all the diggers, and readers out there for your time.

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Absolute Soul Secrets

Absolute Soul Secrets
Our phone psychics are genuine and professional, their gifts ranging from psychic mediums, psychics gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, reading tarot cards, to many other forms of psychic abilities. Psychic reading for love, money, career and family. Readings using visa/master $2.45 per minute (mobiles 50c extra).
P: 02-6653-6023 (6am-1am) P: 1300-850-196 (local call cost)

Dr Peter Filis

Dr Peter Filis
Psychic - Numerologist - Palmist - Tarot Interpreter - Palmist Phone psychic reading to answer all your questions. Amazingly accurate & detailed phone psychic. Australia's most popular psychic reader Dr. Peter Filis - I’m well known for my accuracy and my practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth style. 10 Northwood St Newtown
P: 02-9519-6633 M: 0409-652-191

Milton Black

Milton Black
Jerrabomberra NSW - his predictions are astoundingly accurate. Milton is renowned for his uncanny and accurate forecasts on world politics and economics. Many a politician, economist and trader has visited this website and read the monthly predictions, concerning future global economical trends, including subsequent stock market directions.
P: 02-6100-3482 Free Call: 1800-077-363

The Soul Centre Sydney

The Soul Centre Sydney
Caterina Ligato is rapidly earning herself the title of ‘the Interceptor’ There is a difference between being born with a gift and learning a skill. Never is this more evident, than in the realm of what is known as the paranormal, In a world where many profess to be ‘gifted’ in their ability to communicate with the spiritual world, more and more people are coming to understand, identify and seek out those practitioners who are really attuned, sincere and legitimate. 38 Norton St Leichhardt
P: 1300-763-427  

Francis Bevan

Francis Bevan
Psychic Development, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology and Palmistry Francis Bevan began clairvoyant readings at the age of ten and astounded his family and friends with the gift that he was given. Although he went on to become a musician and then later a policeman, he continued to do clairvoyant readings. He became a professional clairvoyant in 1984. Werrington County NSW
P: 02-9673-6321  
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Jacquelene Close Moore

Jacquelene Close Moore
one of Melbourne's leading psychics High quality psychic readings, psychic art, intuitive counseling, space clearing and natural healing with Jacquelene Close Moore and trusted psychics. Available online or by post, phone, fax or face to face in Melbourne, South Yarra, and Whittlesea, Victoria. PO Box 215, Whittlesea
P: 03-9716-3597 M: 0439 -488-558
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Wendy Rosvall-Brookes Wendy Rosvall-Brookes
She is a no-nonsense clairvoyant and will sharp shoot and direct you to the next possibility of gaining what you truly want in life whilst, guiding you through your "hot water" moments! Wendy will tell you "exactly" what your future holds and help you to weed out what does not belong in your life, plus give you the tools to go out there and take control.Her psychic abilities come from a long line of powerful women in her family, who have given their permission for Wendy to take these gifts and help the world and it's people in any way she can. She is an Internationally-known Clairvoyant who has read for an incredible amount of Radio and Television personalities throughout Australasia, and has a client base from all over the world who regularly consult with her.
  M: 0404 009 010

In Psyche

In Psyche
Soothe your soul "Warmth, Honesty and Integrity" - these are the very words the staff at Inpsyche live by. The area of spirituality and personal growth has attracted a big audience over the past ten years. Personal power, self development, discovering your inner desires are all areas we want to know more about. Sorina, Joel and Marion
P: 07-3388-4590  

Michaela Scherr

Michaela Scherr
Spiritual Intuitive, Transformational Coach, Writer and Spiritual Mentor In the past decade I've worked specifically with individuals in the powerful world of self healing and personal transformation, assisting people in their quest to find purpose and contentment in their life's journey. Showing you how to enjoy a fulfilling spiritual life while working in the 'real' world. Michaela Scherr
P: 07-3863-0688 M: 0402-208-577
  Psychic Medium
Lorraine Manley - Private Readings by Appointment - Ipswich Qld Psychic Medium and card reader available for phone readings, personal readings, groups and mediumship demonstrations. Clairvoyance & Card Readings. Connections with the Spirit World Lorraine Manley
  M: 0409-495-962


Clairvoyant - Spirit Guide - Artist - Author Artemis's energy contains deep insight into human nature, psychic potential and esoteric wisdom that allows to touch her and empower the lives of thousands of people through her psychic workshops, private sessions and special workshops. Psychic Awareness, Tarot, Private Sessions
P: 07-5491-9765 M: 0403-817-531

Melissa Anna Pinner

Melissa Anna Pinner
Astrology| |Tarot Reading| |Crystals & Healing| |Reiki & Healing Melissa trains in areas that go beyond the everyday ego self, taking us beyond the masks that we wear, dealing with problems and crisis at a core level and opening up to our highest potential. Also massage, counselling, reiki and energy healing, meditation and healing groups, and a womens circle, plus we ran courses and workshops Kingaroy, Queensland
P: 07-4162-2224  

Gary Clairvoyant Medium

Gary Clairvoyant Medium
Accurate and Gifted Psychic A genuine "clairvoyant-medium", predicted for hundreds of clients, with accuracy, future aspects of their life and messages from loved ones passed over. Teaches how to communicate with Angels & Guides Meditation for Beginners, Advanced Preparation to Psychometry - Channelling plus Crystal Therapy - Healing PO Box 2090 Burleigh Qld
P: 07-5522-0418 M: 0421-415-457
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Joan Lesley International Clairvoyant Joan Lesley International Clairvoyant
THE GIFTS..........THE KNOWLEDGE..........THE SKILLS.......... Born in Exeter in the county of Devon, England, I cannot remember a time when I wasn't aware of my psychic abilities, but that is hardly surprising given my ancestry. Both my Mother and Grandmother were gifted in this area and were well known for it in the local community. Move towards your Higher Self & learn the importance of Inner Peace. Adelaide Arcade SA
P: 08 8223 6255  
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Whispers From Beyond

Whispers From Beyond
I use my gift to heal the living with messages of hope from loved ones passed. Anthony is one of Australia's leading spiritual Mediums. He is currently the only Australian Medium recommended on the James Van Praagh Website. Anthony conducts seminars, workshops and private readings His approach to helping men and women deal with grief and achieve spiritual wellbeing. PO Box 7070 Eaton WA
P: 08-9724-1881  
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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker   www.
Circle of Light Clinical & Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training Lucy Baker is a clinical hypnotherapist and medium who specialises in shamanic practice, vortex work and interlife healing. Recognised as an authorityon vortex and interlife healing. Kambah Practice Canberra
  M: 0410-930-726
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Sandra Nemet ::: Psychics ::: Singles Events Directory

Sandra Nemet
learnt the gift of fortune telling & the mysteries of the crystal ball, her trademark! Sandra Nemet was born gifted with psychic abilities and brought up in the slums of the East End of London. Sandra's mother was a famous psychic who had a great affinity with the English gypsies and from a small child Sandra was taken to the gypsy camps, where she linked into an influential culture. Gypsy camps became Sandra's classroom. PO Box 126 Glenorchy Tas
P: 03-6272-0206 M: 0412-973-811
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