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We have tried to provide a comprehensive list of popular, well recognised and informative seminars that will help with your relationship, personal, love and business life. We would love to build this page up. If you have any recomendations or know of anyone how would like to list with us please dont hesitate to drop us a line from out contact page.

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Entrepreneurs Sydney Business Club ::: Seminars ::: Singles Events Directory

Entrepreneurs Sydney Business Club 22 August - Luncheon Talk
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Learn from our inspiring Guest Speakers each month - in a warm and friendly environment. Create a network of new business contacts at our meetings and even online too. Luncheons, Dinners, and Business 2 Business Networking Social Events. Made for Biz Owners in Sydney to Mix with Like Minded People. Promote yourself. Foundation participants welcome.

The Dance of Seduction ::: Seminars ::: Singles Events Directory

Dance of Seduction Seminars

Understand the difference between what men & women want/why. Learn more about Sydney dating scene, seduction and attraction Develop a highly refined ‘inner game’ as well as outer game Learn your true power and how to magnetise people to you! Become happy and stable always, despite external factors?

P: 0424-380-262 C: Patrick

Secrets for Singles ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Secrets for Singles

If you are single and serious about looking for a Life Partner you've come to the right place. Secrets for Singles is all about helping you to consciously create the life you desire, with the partner you want. Are You Ready For A Relationship? Gain New Tools, Identify Patterns, Understand Your Dating Traps

  M: 0412-578-831

Lifeforce Enterprises ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Lifeforce Enterprises C: Paula Jesse

Personal Development, Personal well being, Life skills
Lifeforce Seminars will guide you to find your personal answers, teach you skills for achieving balance, maximizing energy levels, dealing with life's traumas and stresses, and achieving personal success in health. Social Dining Events add a new social dimension for Sydney’s discerning Singles.

P: 0408-766-189  

Get Hitched Events and Seminars ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Get Hitched Events & Seminars Contact: Sean

Men Get Dating, Women Get Dating, Get Dating Online, Get SuperSex
'Get Hitched' at Sydney's hottest events. The enticing range of seminars will enhance your personal image increase your individual confidence, and intensify your ability to attract and connect with the people around you. Seminars for Single Men and Women to Get Dating are available now. Book online at

  M: 0422 91 74 52

Amazing Coaching ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Amazing Coaching Contact Lisa Phillips

Are you having difficulties meeting your soul mate or having successful relationships despite trying EVERYTHING? Did you know that you can often give out subconcious signals which block you from meeting your perfect partner? If you would like to have a free coaching session to help you clear you blockages and move forward to finding or improving your relationships check out website.

  M: 0413 -696-820
Success and You ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory Success and You

Are you having difficulties meeting your soul mate or having successful relationships despite trying EVERYTHING? Did you know that you can often give out subconcious signals which block you from meeting your perfect partner? If you would like to have a free coaching session to help you clear you blockages and move forward to finding or improving your relationships check out website.

P: 02-8425-0888 F: 02-9437-4343
Chris Rewell Individual Seminars ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory Chris Rewell Individual Seminars

A great first impression attracts attention, opens doors, invites opportunity and contributes to a happy, healthy self esteem! Join like minded people, share confidence building experiences and discover proven ways to look fabulous, and feel better about yourself. We show people how special they are.

P: 02-9872-3508  
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Relationship Remedies ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Relationship Remedies Jane Roder

The Best Site on the Internet for Relationship Advice
PROVIDING LOVE, DATING & RELATIONSHIP ADVICE via books, workshops and relationship consulting. Our mission is to help you create a better relationship with yourself and others.

P: 03-9853-9919 M: 0419-528-316

Perfectdates ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Perfectdates calendar @ flirtingworkshop.html

Flirting Workshops and Seminars
Perfectdates Flirting Workshops as seen on Sunday, The Age and Herald Sun are fun one day interactive workshops You will learn how to Flirt, approach new people and situations with confidence, attract your dream date, overcome fears of rejection and embarrassment.

P: 03-9863-7633 M: 0402 517 516

Life Coaching Melbourne ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Life Coaching Melbourne

Sandy Ewing, Dating Coach, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist can help you attract great people into your life. Workshops & 1:1 coaching featuring:

  • Flirting & dating with confidence
  • Fabulous relationships
  • Communication (leadership & networking)
  • Work/life balance and Self mastery
P: 1300 13 77 06 M: 0419212515
Professional Edge Seminars ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory Professional Edge Seminars

There are no second chances in our fiercely competitive world, a poor first impression can ruin your chances of success before you have even opened your mouth. Seminars are designed to ensure that all participants receive the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that their personal or professional image does not undermine the effectiveness of their efforts.

P: 03-9841-7197 P: 1800-633-954 (outside Melbourne)

Dr Janet Hall ::: Seminars ::: Singles Directory

Dr Janet Hall Dr Janet Hall

Sensational Sex-Life Seminars. 6.45pm to 8.15pm. Achieving Orgasms for Women (February 24th The Man's Guide to Being the Best Lover He Can Be (Mar 22) Being Single, Being Sexy (June 21). Cost $49.00 includes Sensational Sex CD, champagne, nibbles.

P: 03-9429 1677 F: 03-9429 7822
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DANCE - Dance Information, Dance Calendars and Dancing Classes including, Ceroc, Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, and Swing.
DINNERS - Dinner for Six People, Dinner Parties, and Restaurants.
DATING - Dating Services including Online Dating in Australia and Overseas, Speed Dating in Australia and Overseas, SMS Dating in Australia, Social Clubs, Introduction Agencies and Dating Guide.
ADVENTURE AND TOURS - Cruises in Australia and Overseas, Tours for Singles, Climbing in Australia , 4WD Adventures, and Adrealin Action in Australia.
HEALTH AND BEAUTY - Beauty for Singles, Fitness for Singles, Walks for Singles, Yoga for Singles Central and Yoga Classes for Singles.
SPIRITUAL HEALING - Astrology and Numerology, Horoscopes and Phychic Readings.
SELF HEALING AND THERAPY - Seminars, Life Coaching, Love Life Coaches and Counselling and Therapy.
OUT ON THE TOWN - Bars and DJ's, NightClubs, Jazz Clubs, and Bars Pubs Clubs around Australia.
DATING TIPS AND INFORMATION - Dressing for a Date, Dating for Men, Dating for Women, Dating Stories, Top Ten Dating Tips, Flirting Tips and Speed Dating Tips.
ONLINE DATING - RSVP, AussieMatch Maker and FriendFinder.

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